Ocala Soap Box Derby
The Ocala Soap Box Derby,Inc. is a volunteer organization of community minded individuals
who have come together to organize and sponsor the local Soap Box Derby. We are a non-profit
organization and all donations are tax deductible. We are dependent upon the generous support
of the community and our partners to operate.

Through the generous donations of local businesses and individuals, we own about 30 cars that
we make available to local drivers (children ages 7 to 18) to compete in local rallies and the race.
There are three styles of cars -- stock, super stock, and masters.  Each has its own set of weight
and age restrictions.

The rallies and race are held on Cypress Road in Silver Springs Shores and the parking area of
Georgia Pacific Corporation is used as the pit.  The winners of the May race advance on to the
nationals held in Akron, Ohio each July.  We have the winning cars shipped to Akron and provide
each winner’s family a financial gift  to help cover the cost of staying the week in Akron.

We are always looking for additional volunteers and financial support of the program.  We have a
15 minute presentation which we will be glad to share with local businesses and organizations.

The cars are stored at the SSS Presbyterian Church and if you would like to look at them or need
additional information about the Soap Box Derby, please contact either Alan or Ralph at the SSS
Presbyterian Church (687-1119)
The Ocala Soap Box
Derby, Inc. is totally  
independent of the
church.  However the
church is a
sponsoring partner
that provides much
volunteer and
support.  We thank the
church for their
Race Dates


Nov. 12
March 4

All American
May 6

For Additional

and visit our website
zipcode is 34472
Sam Menter in the
2009 Championship
2016 Champions

Ruth Taddeoj  - Stock

CJ Holland- Super Stock

Rally Champs
Kayla Gajraj
Brianna Scallatino
Matt Gajraj